What is Evangelism Marketing?

Evangelism Marketing
The word “Evangelism” comes from the term “Evangel” (Gospel) which is translated from Greek and means “the good news”. Therefore, “evangelism” is translated as the action of “bringing the good news”.
When you convince people to believe in your dream as much as you do.
What is Evangelism Marketing?
Evangelism marketing is an advanced form of word-of-mouth marketing in which companies develop customers who believe so powerfully in a particular product or service that they freely try to convince others to buy and use it.
Evangelism Marketing is not a job, it’s a lifestyle
Why is brand evangelism so effective?
Brand evangelism is everything good about marketing in one single entity.
  • It’s personal, because real selling involves true personality.
  • It’s grassroots, because people follow the crowd.
  • It’s free, because true passion can’t be bought.
  • It’s contagious, because people follow excitement.
  • It’s compelling, because true evangelists are authentic and honest.
  • It’s impossible to stop, because brand evangelists are fully convinced.
  • It’s viral, because it spreads from person to person in a multiplying form.
Anyone can be an evangelist
Evangelism Marketing can come from two sides in a company:
  1. From inside-out
  2. From outside-in
1. From inside-out
There are evangelists who are appointed directly in this role: to share the good news of the brand that represent.
I mentioned Guy Kawasaki above, but there are other companies that have their own people in this role. For example, at Google we have Peter xyz as Brand Evangelist or at Microsoft we have Tech. Evangelist Amy Kate Nicholson.
And then there are evangelists who represent the company from a personal and subjective perspective- here we could name Elon Musk, who is the most important evangelist for the Tesla brand, Richard Branson- the most extravagant Evangelist of the Virgin brand and their global image.
In addition, an evangelist’s mission does not stop at the company’s mission. They can be the evangelist of a whole concept or even industry- like Joe Pulizzi, the evangelist of content marketing or Gary Vaynerchuk, who evangelizes social media and the concept of “Hustler” in a personal way.
2. From inside-out
We can include here the clients that promote the product and brand that they love so much. For example, Apple has managed to grow a community of evangelists so large that they not only buy the product but they pride themselves with it to everyone around them.
Another example that comes to mind are the people from Instagram. They were able to create a beautiful community that successfully represents, a community whose members are unofficial Instagram ambassadors due to their passion for Visual communication, thus inspiring others as well.

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