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Facebook Insights to Monitor Your Social Campaigns

What Is Facebook Insights? Facebook Insights tracks user interactions on your own business Facebook page and allows you to view which type of content is performing well on your page. Access to Insights is given to all of the admins who are permitted to view and/or edit your profile. Why is this information so valuable? […]

How to Use Facebook Effectively in Your Marketing Strategy

Creating, running, and optimizing your business’s website is a challenging task. From laying it out in a user-friendly way to publishing content that attracts and converts, you’ve got a lot of factors to consider. And it’s not enough to create and operate this website, either. You have to promote it and ensure that the right […]

5 Reasons Facebook Will Beat All Other Marketing of This year

1. Custom-targeted audience   Facebook advertising campaigns are built around (and for) specific audiences. For this reason, the Facebook Custom Audience Tool can work magic. This tool enables marketers to upload lists of contacts such as emails, UIDs, and phone numbers so you can target them with certain ads. This is perfect for everyone from […]