Importance of Google keyword planner

You can use it to search out and swipe your competitor’s keywords.
If you are doing this for your own website, list the top five competitors websites in your niche or industry. Just do a Google search for your keywords and get the top 3-5 sites.
Go to the new Google Keyword Planner (you need to sign in to your Google account) and enter your competitor’s URL to the “your landing page” input box (see image below)
You can find local keywords a lot faster.
If you are doing local SEO, then you’ll love this strategy. Add your main topics or keywords in the List 1 column, then add geographic locations (cities or states) in the List 2 column.
Change the Targeting methods to your preferred location (I’m using United States) for this test. And click get estimates.
At first, there will be no data in your ad group ideas or keyword ideas.
Here’s what you need to do first. You need to Enter a bid and Enter a Daily Budget in the input boxes.
Just enter any bid and your daily budget. If you are going to use these keyword research for your PPC campaigns, then you can enter the bid and budget that you are willing to spend per day.
You can also edit the match types to “exact match” and click on the impressions to sort out keywords with the highest traffic potential.
This is a wonderful tool for people looking for niche markets and other topics to blog about.

The product category search of Keyword planner is a great way to find “untapped” niches.
Just select a product category here, then click get estimates.
I was able to immediately identify “slip resistant shoes” as a potential niche.
I can then check the SEO competition for this keyword by using the Keyword Difficulty tool. As of this moment, it has a keyword difficulty of 35%, which means it’s not that difficult to get to the top spot of the search results
Create ad words campaigns easily.
If you are not going to use pay per click advertising (PPC), you can skip this part and go to number 5.
To create your ad words campaigns with keyword planner, just click on the >> arrows and the ad groups will be added to your “keyword plan”
Click review estimates to get detailed stats on your keyword plan.
You can try changing the bid amounts and you’ll see how it affects your daily estimates. Of course, your actually stats would be different because PPC is affected by a lot of factors like Click Through Rates (CTR), Quality scores (QS), etc.
Then click save to account to export it to your Adwords dashboard. Make sure you are using the same account as your adwords account.
Use it as a guide to create a silo structure for your site.
Perhaps the reason I love using this tool, is because it helps me find topics that are closely related for my niche. This helps me create a silo structure on my site which will help me boost the relevance on my sites.

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