How to get first 1000 Subscribers on your YouTube Channel

If you are aspiring YouTuber or social media influencer, I have good news for you.

Last, Sunday morning I was at home and just relaxing with my friends and family… One of my friends asked how many YouTube subscribers you have?

I said it’s 971 to be precise 

He said, growing on YouTube is not easy anymore… 

I thought he is right to some extent.. but I said if you can grow subscribers. but If you know the right strategies and implement them for yourself.

He was laughing on me 🤣 and said bro you have just 971 subscribers.. why can’t you use your strategy and prove it? 

Actually he challenged me and doubted my skills… You know the way he was saying it felt it an insult.

I decided I will do it, Immediately I said, challenge accepted. I will complete 1000 subscribers today before I go to bed.

He again started laughing loudly and said first do it and let me know.

Time was: 12:52 PM Afternoon.

I started taking action, Let me share my first screenshot o my YouTube Channel, you can check the time and subscribes in the first screenshot :

I also share the same thing on my Instagram: @gautam.kalal about this challenge and did everything live and shared with my Instagram family,

No alt text provided for this image

After a few hours, As I was working hard to implement my digital marketing skills, and finding a way to get real subscribers…

One thing let me clear with you, I believe all about legitimate subscribers, no bots or fake subscribers. I only practice and teach 100% honest authentic skills. So don’t worry!

I started getting results… here is the second screenshot. you can check the time in the screenshot, it was 2:52 PM… This is also I have shared on my Instagram profile

No alt text provided for this image

As you can see in the screenshot, I started getting results and new 12 subscribers got increased on my youtube channel.

I kept on working.. and documenting each and everything which I tried, no matter what was working or not working. As someone said failure is part of your success journey.

After a few hours, here is 3rd screenshot, you can check the time as well. It’s 5:02 PM.

No alt text provided for this image

When I saw 995 subscribers, I felt like “anything is possible” if you decide and take action to achieve.

After exactly 1 hour which means 6:02 PM when I again checked my Youtube channel.. here is the final screenshot of happiness, satisfaction, the pride of myself

No alt text provided for this image

Please comment and share your feedback if you enjoyed this LIVE case study or you can say “documentation” of opportunity or challenge.

Final Words

I would be really happy to help and mentor, anyone who is aspiring YouTuber or want to be a social media influencer.

Contact: support@gautamkalal.com

Also, you can enroll in my YouTube Course to learn and grow your channel.

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