Do you know what is magnetic marketing?

Magnetic marketing is about attracting prospects to you. Other terms for this are inbound and attraction-based marketing. There are many ways to capture the attention and interest of your prospects, such as writing articles, producing content-rich videos and offering targeted events. “
Magnetic marketing doesn’t just occur at the start, when someone first learns about you. It’s everything you do to keep drawing them to you until they become your client.
The opposite of magnetic attraction is pursuit. Official terms for this would be outbound and interruption marketing. Some examples would be advertising, direct marketing and telemarketing,
although email spam, telemarketing and junk mail fall in this category too.
Although some forms are illegal, the issue I see for small businesses outbound marketing. It’s really the energy behind it; the energy of pursuit.
Magnetic Marketing Is Easier
The biggest thing that makes magnetic marketing easier is that it has the energy of inviting your prospects to you, so you don’t feel sales doing it.
It’s also a naturally generous act – offering information, tools and other value with the intention of helping prospects decide for themselves if you are the best choice to work with them.
Magnetic Marketing Works Better
For one thing, if it doesn’t feel difficult and distasteful, you’re more likely to do it! Marketing that gets done works better.
But as with the website welcome gift, you’re looking to appeal to the needs and desires of a specific person – your perfect client. If you develop content that is aligned with their interests, you’ll push away those who’d be a poor fit and draw perfect clients closer to actually working with you.
In the case of Carrie, she can reconnect to her inviting energy and, while following up, offer something valuable to her new contact, like a free strategy session. Mark and Angie can also move on, knowing that chasing won’t work.

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