Do you know Mass Marketing?

What is mass marketing?
In order to know what mass marketing is, you must first understand the concept of marketing. Think about the last product you purchased. Now think about what influenced you to make that purchase. It’s likely that you saw a commercial or some sort of advertisement that sparked your desire to make that purchase. That is an example of marketing.
Important of Mass Marketing
The ability to generate customers is what makes a company successful. Generally, the more customers a company has, the more successful it will be. People have to know that your product exists; if nobody knows your product exists, then no one will purchase your product or service. This will prevent you from being able to sustain a successful business.
Ask yourself, what does a company do to make sure its product is recognized by as many people as possible? You got it – mass marketing. Typically, every company has a marketing strategy, and the more people that know about its product the better.
Why Use of Mass Marketing ?
Growth of Competition – There is so much noise out there that the competition is left with no alternative but to differentiate to attract customers. Naturally, in an industry of 10 players, if 5 differentiate, the other 5 have to differentiate as well.
Targeted segments give more profits – Over the years, it has been found that targeted segments connect with the brand strongly and stay brand loyal. In contrast, if you use mass marketing and a competitor uses targeted marketing, the competitor might get a niche but he will be the King of that niche. You will be like the Jack of all trades and king of none with the mass marketing approach.
Examples of mass marketing

Telecom operators generally use mass marketing because telecommunications is a service used by many. Soaps and detergents use mass marketing. Many Deodorants and personal hygiene products use mass marketing because they are used by the complete market.
Marketing to the masses is common in certain sectors like FMCG, Consumer durable and certain
types of Services. However, for any brand which wants to target the wants and demands of the customers, they have to use differentiated marketing. They cannot continue with mass marketing.

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