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Storytelling strategy for your business growth

1. Use sentiment rather than data The reason why storytelling works so well is that in a fast-paced world full of brands with all the bells and whistles, storytelling offers an honest and personal insight into a company. According to a recent study conducted by The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), in instances where the likeability factor […]

What is Li-Fi Technology and how it’s work

What is Li-Fi? Light Fidelity or Li-Fi is a Visible Light Communications (VLC) system running wireless communications travelling at very high speeds. Li-Fi uses common household LED (light emitting diodes) lightbulbs to enable data transfer, boasting speeds of up to 224 gigabits per second. The term Li-Fi was coined by University of Edinburgh Professor Harald […]

Five Things You Should Know Before Starting A Business.

Starting my company Gloss and Glam was the best thing I ever did. But before I opened my business, I spent countless hours speaking to lawyers, accountants, and other entrepreneurs trying to figure out next steps. Save yourself countless hours and the possible headache of making a huge foundationl mistake by getting these five things straight before you […]