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Marketing Tips That Help Win Customers

For you to be the best blogger, you have to write engaging content, making sure you provide substance to your readers. Over the years, I’ve determined there are certain factors that will help guide your content writing. No matter what you’ve read about providing value, it starts with knowing your audience. If you don’t know […]

The Character Count Guide for Blog Post, Videos, Facebook, Twitter & More

When it comes to writing text for your blog and social media posts, many marketers wonder, “But what’s the character limit?” It’s never a simple question  sometimes, it’s answered by parameters established by certain channels. And on other occasions, it’s more a question of what’s ideal. For example, you probably know the character limit for […]

Business Advantages of Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

Many businesses are missing an important marketing tool by not having a company LinkedIn page. Whether you work for a large company or own your own small business, a company LinkedIn page is essential and provides many benefits. The largest professional social network LinkedIn with 450 million + members has been in the news recently […]