5 Small Business Apps for Improving Productivity

There’s no time to waste when you’re running a small business. Thankfully, the right smartphone or tablet apps can help you cut down on wasted time. Here are seven mobile apps that we think can make you – and your team – more efficient and productive.

1. OneNote
There are plenty of great note-taking applications out there, but OneNote is our favorite thanks to its simple, easy-to-use layout. That means you’ll waste less time fumbling through menus and be able to get back to work more quickly Plus, it’s fully integrated with Microsoft Office and comes pre-loaded on all Windows 8 PCs, so most business users already have it. And since it’s available for just about every computing platform out there, including Android, iOS and Mac OSX, you can access your OneNote files from any device.
2. Asana
When you’re hard at work on a team project, keeping everyone on the same page can be tough. That’s why we love Asana, a productivity app that keeps all of your team’s projects and goals in one place so everyone stays in sync. It’s better than email because Asana tasks aren’t so easily lost or overlooked, and because every member of your team has access to each task list. Plus, you can set deadlines and assign individual team members to specific tasks.
3. Microsoft Remote Desktop
 You don’t have to stop working just because you’re away from your work PC. Microsoft Remote Desktop lets you connect to your office computer remotely using your Android or iOS device. Once you connect, you can view files on your desktop and even use Windows applications  such as the full desktop versions of Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint right on your smartphone or tablet.
4. OneDrive
Like other cloud-storage services, OneDrive helps you be more productive by backing up your files and making them accessible from anywhere. It boasts a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes uploading files easy. And since it’s built right into Windows, most business users won’t have to install any extra plugins to get started. Of course, the app is also available for Android, iOS and Mac OS X, so you can access your documents from just about any device and get to work no matter where you are.
5. DocuSign
Signing a document can be done in three easy steps with DocuSign. First, click the link in your notification email to open the document. Then, follow the instructions that guide you through the signing process. Finally, click “Confirm Signature.” Once you confirm it, an alert will be sent to everyone verifying that the document has been signed. Users can sign important documents from their iPad or iPhone.

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