5 Reasons Facebook Will Beat All Other Marketing of This year

1. Custom-targeted audience
Facebook advertising campaigns are built around (and for) specific audiences. For this reason, the Facebook Custom Audience Tool can work magic. This tool enables marketers to upload lists of contacts such as emails, UIDs, and phone numbers so you can target them with certain ads.
This is perfect for everyone from entrepreneurs with only a few hundred contacts to giant enterprises with hundreds of thousands.
2. Maximum visibility at minimum cost
If you’re planning to launch a business online, you want to build where the people are. Currently, Facebook is at #3 for the most populated online platform with 1.79 billion active monthly users.
Advertising on Facebook is comparatively cheaper than on Google. Also, Facebook video views are cheaper than YouTube.
3. Early-stage brand awareness
Facebook can work a lot like PR if managed strategically. The Brand Awareness ad objective uses a combination of real-time proxy metrics with both the reach and attention users give to a campaign to provide brands with maximum exposure.
Getting started with this early on is critical so that later campaigns can have a bigger audience. The goal is capture attention across the board to get in front of people most likely to be interested in your brand.
4. Facebook Live
Video is the undisputed champion of customer engagement and sharing. Facebook Live was introduced within the last year and has taken the internet by storm. It allows any user to record live videos and share them with friends.
1. Businesses can use this to their advantage in several ways.
2. Provide a behind-the-scenes experience to customers.
3. Show sneak previews of new products or updates.
4. Promote events.
5. Answer questions.
People spend 3x longer watching live video than native content. With this in mind, it’s becoming a requirement to include it in Facebook marketing.
5. Quick feedback
In the old days, when businesses wanted to reach out their customer base for feedback on products or services, they would have to do things like direct-mail voting polls or cold call surveys. Luckily, those days are over and brands need to look no further than social media.
Facebook makes it easy for businesses to simply post a question on their status and sit back and watch for the comments.
Time is perhaps the most valuable asset in business. Facebook is great for companies looking to get an impression of their image and product quickly so they can see what works and what doesn’t without hassle.

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