5 Gadgets You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Dragonfly Futurfon

Dragonfly Futurfon looks and behaves like the device of the future. It is unbelievable flexible in terms of utility and operation. With this device you have the option of simply using a screen, attaching a keyboard or even using multiple screen that are synced to various platforms. Simply watching the full range of functions that a dragonfly can perform is breath-taking for a tech lover.

Flow Wireless Controller

The past year has seen the advent of many smart devices that allow you to control multiple functions in a streamlined manner. The culmination of an entire year’s worth of innovation led to the creation of Flow wireless controller. This handy device is extremely useful for a variety of functions including using image and sound editing software and controlling your smart phones and tablets. Flow continues to add a variety of compatibility software to make this device even more interesting.

The Air Dock
The Air Dock eliminates two very important needs when it comes to using your smartphone in your car. Not only does this handy gadget hold and display your phone using magnets that create an air lock, it also charges your device on the go.
ZBoard 2
The original Zboard was invented as a means for students to quickly get around the campus. The new Zboard is faster, lighter, can travel greater distances on a single charge and looks cooler than ever.
No More Woof
This miraculous device uses an EEG machine to read your pet’s brain waves and decipher it, in order to help you understand what it is thinking or feeling. It can currently read up to 4 mental states including being able to tell you when your dog is hungry, tired or excited.

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