Month: April 2017

Business Advantages of Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

Many businesses are missing an important marketing tool by not having a company LinkedIn page. Whether you work for a large company or own your own small business, a company LinkedIn page is essential and provides many benefits. The largest professional social network LinkedIn with 450 million + members has been in the news recently […]

Facebook Insights to Monitor Your Social Campaigns

What Is Facebook Insights? Facebook Insights tracks user interactions on your own business Facebook page and allows you to view which type of content is performing well on your page. Access to Insights is given to all of the admins who are permitted to view and/or edit your profile. Why is this information so valuable? […]

5 Ways to Emotional Marketing on Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a big auction. There are both winners and losers. Now, you wouldn’t want to be on the losing side, would you? So, what can you do to create Facebook campaigns that finish the race as champions, having collected many new customers in the process? A smart move would be creating ads that […]

How To Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook has over 1.39 billion monthly active users worldwide, making it the one of the richest sources of community and leads. There are a huge range of online marketing avenues available to businesses of all types, but Facebook should not be forgotten about! It’s guaranteed that at least some of your target audience will be […]

5 Unpublished Stats on the Future of Social Media Marketing

At Social Fresh we wanted to know more about where digital marketers like you are seeing success. Which social networks, content types, and social ad platforms are providing the best ROI? And, equally important, how are social media marketers investing their time and budget? We just published the first annual Future of Social Media Marketing […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Ad Targeting

Start a Twitter Ad Campaign Before you dig into the tips for targeted Twitter ads, you need to create a new ad campaign. While logged into your Twitter account, go to On the left, select a business goal for your new ad campaign and then click Create Campaign. After you name your campaign, enter […]