10 Facebook Status Ideas Guaranteed to Get Comments, Likes, and Shares

Do you have a Facebook page that’s struggling to take off?
Does it feel like a ghost town?
Is maintaining a Facebook page starting to feel like a waste of time?
It’s not like you haven’t tried.
You’ve followed all the advice you could find. From posting regularly to running competitions and even advertising on Facebook – but nothing seems to work. And while sweepstakes and contests work, you can’t promote them in every single status update.
Despite your best efforts, your Facebook page’s growth has stagnated.
How do all these popular Facebook pages get so much engagement from their fans?
What do they know that you don’t?
Well, the good news is that what they know isn’t rocket science. And what you don’t know will be revealed in this post in the form of ten types of Facebook status ideas that get likes, comments and shares. In short, everything you’ve dreamed of.
So without further ado, let’s start with the first one:
#1. Photos
If you’re rolling your eyes thinking, “Well I know that!” I’m here to tell you that photos have gotten a little more complicated.
It’s no longer enough to put up a photo of your team, product or cat. You need to find ways to make them interesting, unique and share-worthy. Well, unless your cat’s riding a skateboard – that’s pretty unique all by itself.
Photos that have a message or explain a concept work well. Take the example below from Art Therapy Without Borders.

#2. Questions

People are hard-wired to answer questions. It’s why four year old get away with asking so many questions. While random questions work (as you’ll see in one of the examples below), relevant and on-topic questions get people talking and offering opinions more.
Take a look at how Screaming Owl, Air New Zealand, and Bed, Bath & Beyond’s pages use questions to get the conversation going.
It’s a decision every traveler makes when packing. From the number of comments, it’s obviously a hotly debated issue among travelers and Air New Zealand was savvy enough to tap into it.

#3. Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a giveaway? A little competition, a lot of fun, the chance to win something … Sign me up!
Facebook allows running contests without an app within a single post. Author Jill Shalvis takes advantage of it quite successfully

#4. Discounts

After a giveaway, discounts are the next best thing. You can ask for a like or a comment and pick a random winner.
Just don’t let the time-period drag on too much. Wrap it up in a couple of days (preferably) so people don’t lose interest.
Old Navy does a brilliant job of offering very specific discounts.
Their sale was targeted at a specific audience, had a time limit and offered a big enough discount to attract attention. The upbeat image with clear information on it also helped in getting them the huge numbers of social shares they got.

#5. Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks are a great way to grab fan attention. Who doesn’t want to find out a trick or hack that’ll make their life easy?
Irrespective of what your Facebook page is about, there are always tips you can share to make things easy for your fans.
IKEA USA uses this status update type brilliantly.
They uploaded the photo from their blog post separately to make it more visually appealing and tied it National Craft Month. The post they linked to was extremely detailed and helpful. So if anyone was serious about doing any of the mentioned crafts, all they had to do was go to IKEA for supplies.


We all need a pick-me-up every now and then and inspirational quotes are the perfect way to provide fans with that. They’re also visually appealing – which is always a good thing.
Discussing the quote further in the status update encourages comments too.

Since the purpose of the Facebook group, A Mighty Girl is to raise smart, confident and courageous girls through education and empowerment, the quote above resonated with their fans.

#7. Current News
Current news always has people abuzz. Whether it’s entertainment news or related to your niche, there’s always something happening.
Talk about current news in your post or relate it to your topic and ask people for their opinion.
The Oscars 2014 gave a lot of material to Facebook pages if my newsfeed is anything to go by. Almost every other page had an Oscar related post that was being hotly debated in the comments.
But one of the best I came across is a simple image of Lupita Nyong’o in all her red carpet glory with the words “Congratulations Lupita!” on it.

#8. DIY Tutorials

DIY tutorials aren’t just big on Pinterest. They get a lot of footfall on Facebook too.
So if there’s a Do-It-Yourself version of anything related to your topic – that saves your fans money, time and/or effort, it’s guaranteed to be a hit.

#9. Humor

A little levity goes a long way. Humor can turn a bad day into a good one and a frown into a smile.
Find the lighter side of life and give your fans something to laugh about. You can poke fun at yourself, share jokes, tell a funny incident – whatever is relevant to your page.
Admit it, you laughed. Apart from the humor, this joke works because it’s true to their mission of inspiring the next generation of female engineers.

#10. Asking fans to share their work

A chance for fans to show off their work? Bring it on!
Asking fans to showcase their work is always a big hit. It puts the spotlight on the fan instead of you gives them the opportunity to shine and be noticed.
Social Media Examiner did just that by asking their fans to share links to their own Facebook pages.

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